DCR Information
February 5, 2019

Every year Congress must pass the “Tax Extenders Bill” which allows business owners to utilize many tax savings measures to improve bottom line results, allow them to hire more employees, reinvest in their business and to make increased contributions in the community.

For restaurant owners, a big part of this bill is the Designated Community Resident (DCR) credit. This credit alone can create a major difference to your business.

The issue is that congress often does not pass this bill until well into the current year. If you are starting to look at your taxes for last year right now, this tax credit is not yet available. So, we are asking that everyone reach out to your congressman and ask them to pass this bill as fast as possible. TRUST has drafted a sample letter that you can use and forward on to your specific congressman. Simply download the attached letter, sign and send it off.


At TRUST we are always looking for ways to increase your bottom line and this tax savings is one of the most important you have at your disposal.