It is through this singular focus on service and support that we deliver exceptional results for every client. Every time.

Since its inception, Trust Consulting Group’s focus was and remains maximizing your company’s bottom line through Work Opportunity Tax Credit management and easy-to-use onBoarding for new hire support through.

TRUST Consulting Group has emerged as a leading provider of technology-enabled business processes and outsourced HR services designed to bring efficiencies to your hiring team that impact your company’s bottom line.

We care about your business
just as much as you do

We care about your business just as much as you do

Let’s face it, sometimes it can be hard to find web-based service online that are easy-to-use, relevant, and functional for all members of your team. We feel the same way, and helping our clients create efficient hiring and communication process for their teams is what inspires us.  Your return on investment is realized through those efficiencies, and your hiring team being focused on what adds back to your bottom line – providing service to your customers and support and training to your employees.

We care about your business as if it was our own. Your hiring team is our client, as they are an extension of you, the business owner. We know your new hires and hire team are important to you. It is why they are important to us.

It is through that hiring process we then are able to maximize your hiring tax credits, and offset tax liability on your company tax returns. Our bottom line is directly tied to your bottom line through this contingency-based service. 

Our Mission

Every company that entrusts their business to Trust gets more than just service. It’s our investment and commitment to meet and exceed your expectations. We care about your business just as much as you do. And that’s why we create long-lasting, trusted partnerships with our clients. What we do — the only thing we do — is help you and your team create an efficient hiring process: We reduce the application and hiring cycle, and put your new hires in front of your customers as quickly as possible. Our solutions allow our partners and their hiring teams to spend more time on the tasks most important to growing their business, such as training and development of their staff. We work to improve bottom-line results by finding and delivering tax credits that are often overlooked, and otherwise difficult to realize. When you partner with Trust Consulting Group, you can be assured that your business, your goals, your bottom line are always top of mind for us. As your partner, we work with you, step-by-step, hand-in-hand to achieve your most important business goals.

Our Services

WOTC Tax Credits

WOTC Tax Credits

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Electronic Onboarding

Electronic Onboarding

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Lower Your Tax Bill

If you want a lower tax bill, you need to put your money into a more tax-efficient investment.

Lower Your Tax Bill is a tax preparation service. They help people file their taxes, and make sure they don’t overpay on their taxes. They are trying to get more business, so they can hire more people, and make more money.

When we say we need to lower taxes, it can sound like we want to pay less—for which the implication is we deserve less in return. But you and I know better:

We’ve saved more than $10 million in taxes for over 200 restaurants, construction companies and manufacturing firms in more than 1,500 locations throughout the United States. View our most popular services above to learn how to save.

Why Us

Client Service

Those aren’t just words to us. We’ve built our business around making your relationship with us easy. Patience. Attentiveness. Clear communication skills. We are here to serve you. We are here to make your job, and the jobs of the people who work for you, easier.


Our clients are more than willing to provide references and testimonials about our high quality service and management. We pride ourselves on personal, custom service, knowing not just our corporate contacts by name, but their location managers, too.

Fitting Your Processes

We know your hiring managers are looking for processes that improve efficiency. We not only fit into your current processes, we help you streamline them. You tell us how you’d like us to manage it, and we make it happen. Options are what we offer you.


Every call answered in our office starts off with identifying the resolution. How we can help you, our client, is the goal of each interaction. We want employees from your organization to look forward to contacting us because they are confident we have the resolution.