What exactly is the Work Opportunity Tax Credit ?

WOTC is a tax break given to employers encouraging them to hire from groups that face significant barriers to employment, such as veterans and those with disabilities. The impact WOTC has on the local culture is much more than a tax break however, it is a chance for disadvantaged persons to level the playing field when it comes to hiring. The benefits provided by WOTC help form the corner stone of a social safety net for potential employees in their local community.

For employers, WOTC allows an expansion of hiring options for filling needs in their business. It creates incentive to hire and train employees that could be potentially looked over by easing the financial burden to employers for hiring initially less qualified workers. WOTC has grown rapidly in all major sectors of the economy, including over twenty three occupations in industries such as food service, hospitality, healthcare and non-profits.

Overall the Work Opportunity Tax Credit is a program with real world economic and social benefits to employers, employees and the community the participating business resides in.

If you are interested learning more about participating in the benefits this program provides we can set up a time this week to talk more about how we can maximize the value of your workforce.