Why Electronic Onboarding – The Five Efficiencies

At Trust Consulting, we are all about adding money back to your company’s bottom line through streamlining your new hire process – making it easier, freeing up teams’ time (from you hiring managers to your administrative support to your management team), and positioning your company to stay on the cutting edge of technology developments.

Our onBoarding solution targets five areas of efficiencies for your business, all of which save you time, reduce expenses and create more profits: 

  1. Hiring Managers
  2. Administrative Staff
  3. Strategic Efficiencies
  4. Process Efficiencies
  5. Efficiencies with Social Media

We define these efficiencies as:


It’s about reducing keystrokes, eliminating duplication and keeping your managers interacting with your employees and your team. We integrate when we can – auto-populating as much as the new process as possible. For example – our goal is for your new hire’s name to be entered one time, eliminating the potential for misspelling and saving time.

Most onBoarding systems require you to enter the name several times throughout the process.

At TRUST, we understand that efficiency is not only about saving keystrokes, but also is about reducing the possibility for mistakes.


It’s about no more phone calls or emails to the hiring manager because a signature is missing on an I9. It’s about making sure the routing number is entered correctly on a direct deposit form. It’s about making it so your back office staff doesn’t have to reach out to your busy managers and new hires unnecessarily. They should focus more on the tasks at hand – like running payroll, accounts receivable, accounts payable, and the list goes on.


Your management team should be focused on how to make your processes more efficient – they know what is best for the restaurants – they are in them everyday. Instead of focusing on why a hiring manager didn’t verify an I9, they instead can dig into why are food costs higher and daily sales lower for the second month in a row. We know your management team needs to have the time to be strategic in their day, proactively identifying problems before they become issues.


Any time we can shave off ten minutes of data entry from the time it takes your team to enter info into your payroll provider, corporate management support, etc., we are going to do it. That is a win for both of us and that is what we are always are looking to do with our integrations and plug-ins. We want to save time, and get your team on the floor running your restaurants.


It’s the new word of mouth. It’s how people find out about your restaurant – from reviews of service and food quality to if you are hiring to if it is a fun place to work. Efficiently using social media makes you stand out, makes you more competitive and puts you in front of potential customers and employees, creating a more direct line of communication. We can help you build your online presence.

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