An effective ROI for an investment is a critical part of the decision making process for any business owner. When that investment concerns your most critical asset - people, the importance is even bigger.

An effective and properly managed onboarding process can have significant impact in your business bottom line. While there can be many ways to see how that can hit your bottom line, there are two areas that are hard to argue against. Those are automation and improved productivity.



By removing routine tasks away from managers and employees and having them done automatically you can redeploy those hours to more impactful areas of your business. Maybe more time on training or more time with clients and customers. Being able to spend that additional time without increasing costs, hits the bottom line.


Repetitive and often times uninteresting tasks forces people to become complacent bored. Bored employees do not push themselves to become better. Motivated employees are more productive and absolutely hit your bottom line. By removing the mundane tasks of onboarding out of the day to day of your managers - you will immediately see an uptick in work productivity.


More and more organizations are moving their onboarding process from physical to digital. There are several benefits an organization can realize by moving more and more of the onboarding process to digital.


  1. It saves time. Your new hires can complete a majority of the “paperwork” before they even show up for their first day. You no longer have to take the employee and managers time to sit and fill out paperwork when they show up. This task can be completed by the employee in the comfort of their own home. Not only saves time, but you do not have to pay for your managers and new hires to sit around a table signing documents.
  2. It actually creates a more personal onboarding experience. Instead of kicking off a new hires orientation with a show and tell of paperwork, your managers get to immediately have face to face interactions with new hires, and create a relationship that leads to a better connection to the organization.
  3. The onboarding experience becomes much more engaging and positive. Both employees and managers get to jump right into the one on one training that is much more interactive AND it leads to employees being able to actually get to work faster.


With advances in technology and more and more people having access to the internet by use of computer and smartphone, it only makes sense the electronic onboarding will be a cornerston of your new hire experience.


At Trust Consulting Group, we have been providing electronic onboarding solutions to our partners for years. If you would like to learn how you could benefit from our solutions, please reach out to one of our partner advocates today.