TRUST has further streamlined the hiring process through our electronic onboarding system

If you are currently receive your applications through Snag-a-Job, TRUST is happy to announce its partnership with Snag, and we are able to seamlessly integrate your applications in real time.

If you do not have online applications, TRUST can assist you in marketing your organization with our social media ads and our application website creation. We can post ads created for your organization on Facebook and Instagram that will direct potential new hires to apply to your company website.

Once your applications make their way onto TRUST, you can easily track and manage the status of your applications and you can move people into the onboarding in a quick efficient manner.

Our Electronic Onboarding system allows us to upload your current handbook and allow it to be accessible to the employee wherever they are and on whatever internet capable device they are on. Apart from your handbook, we will also add electronic versions of the WOTC Form, W-4, your State Tax Form, and the I-9. This will cut down time during orientation or it might cut it completely allowing your managers more time to properly train your new hires.

Additional options you can add to customize your electronic onboarading experience can be the addition of Background Checks, E-Verify Services, Food Handlers Courses, and many of our custom forms such as a 30 Day Review and a Direct Deposit Form. If your organization has a form that needs to be filled out, TRUST can convert it in a digital form as well.

Whenever an employee completes the onboarding process, you can now add them in a quicker efficient manner with the use of the TRUST E-Restaurant Extension. You can now copy and paste the employee’s entire information that is in TRUST and paste it onto E-Restaurant without having to manually type everything out. The TRUST E-Restaurant Extension will reduce your data entry time to an average of two minutes per employee.

TRUST has streamlined and enhanced the onboarding process to become your one stop shop when it comes to electronic onboarding. If you would like to learn how your organization could benefit from this service, please reach out to one of our partner advocates today.