A legal workforce saves you time, money, and offers you peace of mind during your hiring process. E-Verify is a government program that allows employers to verify if a new hire is authorized to legally work in the United States by confirming if the information entered onto the form I-9 is valid. E-Verify is available to all job sectors across the United States and its territories, but it is required in the following states.

·      Arizona

·      Colorado

·      Georgia

·      Mississippi

·      Oklahoma

·      South Carolina

At Trust, we can guarantee that all your new hires will be verified within 24 to 48 hours of them completing their onboarding since our system only allows for employees that have a completed profile and I-9 to appear on our new hire list. This ensures that we have all the necessary information when starting the verification process. Having E-Verify services with Trust comes with the added bonus that your I-9s will be properly filled out because if they are not, then in the majority of cases, the verification will yield a notification of some sort. This will both double check and train your staff on being more vigilant since errors on an I-9 can lead to the IRS conducting an audit as well as other investigations. If you value your peace of mind that all your employees are being vetted in order to avoid any of the unpleasantness of dealing with an ICE raid or an IRS audit, please reach out to one of our partner advocates today.