Why Electronic Onboarding - Back Office Efficiency


Responding quickly to your customers’ needs is what makes your business successful.


It is the very definition of efficiency, which is the big buzz word these days as it directly relates to bottom line performance and a better experience for your customers.


But efficiencies, in today’s fast-paced environment, is a domino effect – especially as it relates to the service industries.


Efficiency starts for your customers with the first employee interaction. Proper staffing levels of properly trained employees, and a management team that can support them, are key to your company’s success.


Are you setting your hiring mangers up to be successful or are there too many distractions that takes them away from supporting your team? If your answer is the latter, you are not alone - the top challenge to success is staffing, according to 59 percent restaurant owners.*  Your managers are being asked to do more and more that takes them off that focus on your team, and your customers.


TRUST Consulting Group can help with one of those distractions. Electronic onboarding ensures your hiring team is not spending too much time entering employee information online, tracking down incorrect or illegible information on employee paperwork, or waiting for answers from your office staff when the paperwork is in a centralized location.


Utilizing an Electronic Onboarding platform will dramatically increase the efficiency in your back office.Your back-office staff, most often considered a cost center, also will love the efficiency it brings to your operations, also reducing that cost burden as you can provide much more value with your personnel.



Reduces Data Entry

A good onboarding system puts the tasks of data entry into the hands of the employees. A great onboarding system will allow this to happen while the employee is at home, reducing any costs of completing onsite. No longer does your administration staff have to key punch every response from handwritten answers. You could put those hours spent typing in information to much better use - such as training your new hires and providing service to your customers.


You also greatly reduce the chances of errors in your data entry. Having to retype information that someone else has filled out provides lots of opportunities for errors.


Reduces On Site Storage

You no longer have to keep boxes and cabinets of folders of paper. Your onboarding system will keep and retain all the documents reviewed and signed by your employees. You do not have  to spend countless hours trying to manage documents - or worse, not being able to find what you need when you need it.  Not only do you save, your hard costs of onsite storage dramatically decrease.


Ease of Retrieval

Imagine this scenario - one your employees is in violation of a company policy. First the manager has to contact HR. Then HR has to find the employees folder. Then HR has to validate that the company manual was signed during orientation. Then HR reports back to the manager of its findings. Then the manager can address with the employee.

With a great onboarding system - the manger simply logs in, reviews the online documentation and then can address the actual issue at hand. So much time can be cut out, and your organization moves towards solutions faster.


Centralized Storage

If you operate a business with employees in more than one location, keeping all your files in one location is a logistics nightmare. You have to ship documents, ensure everything was delivered, ensure everything was filed appropriately. More often than not, this takes a back seat to running your business and your files end up everywhere - and nowhere.

If your back office manages these multiple locations, having an easy and quick way to review employee information is critical to its success. An electronic onboarding system provides just this type of organization for your company.


Risk Reduction

There are many areas that need to be secure when dealing with bringing on new employees. None are more important than ensuring your I9 process is complete and accurate. An electronic onboarding system give you up to the minute status on what has been completed and what has not been completed. It ensures that you do not put your organization at risk by not having the appropriate documents completed.


You will never have to worry about an employee audit, everything is completed, everything is organized, and you will know exactly where you stand.


Increase Your Efficiency and Increase Your Bottom Line.

As you streamline your onboarding procedures you will find that your back-office staff has more time to dedicate to the important tasks of running your business. You leave “administrative” tasks behind and focus on how to make your business more profitable.


At Trust Consulting Group we have been working with hundreds of clients across the county to do just this. Create efficiencies in their back-office and increasing their profits.


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*Toast Restaurant Industry Report - https://pos.toasttab.com/restaurant-management/restaurant-success-industry-report