Sales Tax Audit

What if you could erase 90% of your audit bill?

What would you do with that kind of tax savings? Grow your business? Pay off debts? Buy new equipment to make your operation more efficient and profitable?

At the end of the day, no matter how confident you are in your business practice, chances are a sales tax audit will make it clear just how vulnerable you are when it comes to sales tax issues.

That’s because state revenue departments are under pressure to increase their revenue streams. As a result, taxpayers often become the target of sales tax audits, and those audits are only increasing.

Once you’ve received notice of an audit, you don’t have much time, so at the very least, you should file a request for redetermination. There’s no charge for this form and it will grant you an additional 60-180 days to decide what your next steps should be.

Download and print your re-determination form.

Businesses specifically targeted for sales tax audits often operate in the manufacturing, construction and restaurant fields, three industries in which TRUST Consulting Group is particularly experienced.

We can work with you, focusing on two crucial areas so you can keep more of what you earn. We’ll help you:

  • Apply for a redetermination
    We’ll expertly review your recent audit records, and help you apply for a re-determination to lower your tax assessment.
  • Train sales staff to minimize sales tax liability
    We’ll provide training for you and your staff to proactively monitor sales tax application in your specific industry and business. And we’ll ensure that you feel confident your sales tax liability is where it should be on a daily basis.

We’re on a mission to find ALL of the areas that will help reduce your tax liability.