Hunter S, Mcdonald’s Franchisee | Colorado

“Trust Consulting Group has been instrumental in our hiring and onboarding processes. Their powerful online system is easy to use. We can hire, onboard, and verify information in one day, getting our new employees on the floor and helping our customers as quickly as possible. When one of our 6 hiring managers have a question or issue, Trust is able to resolve the issue via email or over the phone in as fast as an hour. WOTC Tax Credits are very important to our bottom line. The complex WOTC system is simplified with several online questions, taking out the guess-work and improving our returns.”

Kevin M, Mcdonalds Franchisee | Oklahoma

“When we bought four additional restaurants, in effect doubling the size of our organization overnight, the WOTC process was worry-free because TRUST Consulting took care of it for me. This allowed me to focus on more pressing matters during the acquisition process. This system also gives me piece of mind because I am now certain that by eliminating the element of human error or oversight, we are now capturing all of the WOTC tax credits that we qualify for. TRUST offers a system that not only pays for itself…it puts thousands of dollars in my pocket that were there all along that I had missed out on for years.”

Debra P, Office Staff at Mcdonalds Franchisee | Fort Worth

“A lot of the employees that come to us from SnagaJob leave rather quickly because to apply, they have to build a profile that resides on the SnagaJob website. As soon as they receive an offer with a better hourly wage from a competitor that also uses SnagaJob and can see the employee’s profile, they leave an do not even give us a chance to counter.”

Teri B, Ihop Franchisee Office Manager | San Antonio, Texas

“By using SnagaJob we left thousands of dollars on the table with our WOTC and our tax bill increased. TRUST Consulting delivers, year-over-year, solid and increasing WOTC numbers. They work hard for our WOTC numbers”

Gina M, Mcdonalds Franchisee Office Staff | Dallas, Texas

“Every concern and/or question we have had has been answered in a timely manner by your fabulous staff. Thank you for following up and providing us with additional updates your organization offers.”

Linda W, Office Staff | Dallas, Texas

“I will say that the improvements you have made to your web site in the last few months are great and have made it much easier for us to stay on top of our on boarding. ”

Nikki, Office Staff | Lincoln, Nebraska

“Trust Consulting is very helpful and they answer questions quickly. They make a pretty seamless onboarding process.”


“Great team of folks. Dependable and reliable service you can count on.”

Rochelle | Dallas, Texas

“Have changed how we on board our employees for the better. They have the best customer service around. Love working with them and you will too.”