Volume VI

May 28, 2019

Alicia, Founder & CEO

CEO Message:

We are making you and your hiring team faster – two-times as fast in the next month.

We’ve been changing some things on the backend throughout May, which will result in your new hires and hiring team seeing our onboarding process move at a fastest speed. 

Our goal is cost effectiveness – we want your hiring team in the restaurant supporting your employees and your customers and spending as little time managing the onboarding process on a computer.

Additionally, for your administrative staff, with this migration we’ll be adding more user management tools throughout 2019.

For example, our goal is to have by the end of Q3 a report at your fingertips which will allow you to know how many certifications received to date you have.

Efficiency – it’s our focus at TRUST.

May 2019 TRUST Consulting Group Newsletter

Website Downtime

TRUST is moving to a new server the weekend of June 1st. Though we have scheduled it when we see the fewest users in the database, there might be some downtime between midnight and 6 a.m.

The goal of this enhancement is make more efficient the entire onboarding process. There also is added security features on the backend. What we are most excited about is the future efficiencies and enhancements this allows us to plan and develop. 

Training Spotlight! 

Employee Source Report

We have implemented a question within Onboarding to ask how your newly hired employees heard about your company. This will allow you to run the Employee Source Report and see a bigger picture as to where your employees are coming from and will help to know where you should be putting your resources to get more employees. Please click here to download the procedures on how to run this report.  

Legislative Update

  • Congress will consider adding to the veteran tax credits available for business. There is a consideration for a qualifying criteria for the WOTC program before Congress – hiring veteran spouse. 
  • There’s been no movement on the tax extender’s bill since March, 2019, which includes approval of the empowerment zone credit and Native American credit retroactively for 2018 and all categories, including the entire work opportunity tax credit program, after the program’s expiration at the end of 2019. Currently, Congress is considering approving retroactively these credits for 2018 and the 2019 tax year. Both finance committees in the House of Representatives and the Senate are considering the tax extenders bill.
  • The bipartisan effort to make the Work  Opportunity Tax Credits part of the permanent tax code has seen little movement since its introduction in April. 

What Our Partner Say

“Trust Consulting Group has been instrumental in our hiring and onboarding processes. Their powerful online system is easy to use. We can hire, onboard, and verify information in one day, getting our new employees on the floor and helping our customers as quickly as possible.”

Franchise Owner, Colorado

“I will say that the improvements you have made to your web site in the last few months are great and have made it much easier for us to stay on top of our on boarding. ”

Franchise Office Staff,  Texas

“Have changed how we on board our employees for the better. They have the best customer service around. Love working with them and you will too.”

 Franchise Owner, Texas

“Every concern and/or question we have had has been answered in a timely manner by your fabulous staff. Thank you for following up and providing us with additional updates your organization offers.”

Franchise Office Staff, Texas

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