Volume VII

June 24, 2019

Alicia, Founder & CEO

CEO Message:

It’s a familiar drumbeat from us at TRUST – efficiency.

We want your hiring team to move as quickly through our process as possible, which is why I’m so excited to share starting in July we are improving the user experience through enhancing our mobile onboarding process on smartphones, iPads and tablets.

We’ll roll out this enhancement in phases, with most of the functions available through an app-like experience by the end of the year.

This became our No. 1 focus for improving our process after the server migration in May because it was the No. 1 request by the end users in our system. We’d love to hear more from you and your team about what we are doing here at TRUST that is making you better and what we could do to make it an even more efficient process.

Please consider taking our survey: TRUST Survey.

Efficiency and your bottom line – our two primary goals at TRUST Consulting Group.

June 2019 TRUST Consulting Group Newsletter

Easier Online Access

More access points to the onBoarding process – that is what we heard from our end users regarding improving efficiency and the overall online experience. 

And we listened.

Starting in July, TRUST will make available an app-like functionality for easier mobile access that will improve efficiency for your hiring team. This download will shorten the time it takes your hiring team to obtain online access and additionally the website will be mobile friendly.

Our hope is to offer a more personalized user engagement, save time and see a faster turnaround for moving potential hires to new hire status and the onboarding process. We also want to make I9 verifications easier for your hiring managers.

This download will be available from the TRUST website starting in July.


TRUST Survey

We would like your input on the entire onBoarding process of new hires – from identifying potential employees to our onBoarding process to future integrations with our onBoarding process. Please click here to answer our six-question survey.

Legislative Update: WOTC approval by House committee; under review by senate task force

As many of you are aware, WOTC is currently being considered in the House of Representatives and Senate.

The Ways and Means Committee in the House of Representatives recently passed the tax extenders bill, which includes WOTC, the DCR Tax Credit and the Native American Tax Credit. Please click here for a letter you can send to your house of representatives supporting the program.

There also is a Senate task force reviewing the addition of WOTC to the permanent tax code. Please click here for a letter you can send to the task force and click here for a letter to send to your senator. 

Please reach out to Angela Schroeder (angela@trustconsultinggroup.com) at TRUST Consulting Group and she can further assist you with this initiative. 

Business Partner Spotlight: NEXT

NEXT: Unique Labor Sharing Solution for Today’s Tough Labor Market
By Siva Kumar

Labor is the biggest problem facing owner operators today. High turnover rates and a hyper-competitive hiring environment force restaurants to run with lower staffing levels. Operators face growing overtime costs and lower transaction volumes that depress profitability and constrain growth. Even with efficient scheduling and increased spend on hiring, it’s hard to control spiking labor costs and poor service metrics.

We are working with an interesting partner, NEXT, which brings a fresh new approach to solving labor issues for restaurants. With the help of experienced operators, NEXT has built a breakthrough work-sharing platform that works on top of your scheduling, hiring and timekeeping systems.

NEXT enables an “on demand, Uber-like” pool of crew across all operator-owned restaurants. Mobile app and text interactions controlled by data science and learning algorithms, match and notify your employees looking for hours, about shifts at your restaurants needing cover.

Crew love NEXT because it helps them work more when they want to earn more and get more schedule flexibility. In addition, trained crew leaving to go back to school or for other opportunities can continue on as unscheduled employees, opting in to pick up shifts on demand from their phones when they want extra cash – like driving Uber or delivering for DoorDash.

Restaurant managers love NEXT because they can readily cover critical shifts that would either go unstaffed or would require paying overtime. 

Our operators adopting NEXT are enthusiastic references, experiencing promising results. They are driving 1% to 1.5% of top sales from shifts covered using NEXT and adding to contribution margins. NEXT is growing quickly — nearly 1,000 restaurants across 30 states in the last eight months.

TRUST Consulting and NEXT are collaborating to integrate our electronic onboarding and WOTC tax credits services directly with NEXT. The integration will help our mutual customers see benefits through cost savings and automation. We will be presenting the joint solution to some of our customers for feedback and hope to have it out in the market during the second half of this year.

Training Spotlight

Add A New Employee via TRUST Web App (coming in July)

With the release of our web application in July, we will be providing updated procedures covering how to navigate through the hiring process on your smart phone. Please click here to download the procedures on starting the hiring process for a new employee. 

Employee Source Report

During onboarding your employees have the ability to let you know how they heard about your company. They can let you know if they were referred by another employee or if they saw a job ad on Facebook. By running the Employee Source Report, you can view this information to better help strategize where to focus on getting new and better employees. Click here for instructions on running this report. 

What Our Partner Say

“Trust Consulting Group has been instrumental in our hiring and onboarding processes. Their powerful online system is easy to use. We can hire, onboard, and verify information in one day, getting our new employees on the floor and helping our customers as quickly as possible.”

Franchise Owner, Colorado

“I will say that the improvements you have made to your web site in the last few months are great and have made it much easier for us to stay on top of our on boarding. ”

Franchise Office Staff,  Texas

“Have changed how we on board our employees for the better. They have the best customer service around. Love working with them and you will too.”

 Franchise Owner, Texas

“Every concern and/or question we have had has been answered in a timely manner by your fabulous staff. Thank you for following up and providing us with additional updates your organization offers.”

Franchise Office Staff, Texas
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