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July 22, 2019

Alicia, Founder & CEO

CEO Message:

Customization – it’s how we make our clients more efficient at TRUST Consulting Group. We understand here at TRUST that each of our clients have different needs and different processes – there’s all kinds of factors that come into play with that: Our ability to work with our clients’ individual needs is what makes TRUST the best solution for your organization – it sets us apart from other providers. That, topped with training that also is customized for your organization’s individual needs, is what sets you, your team and our support for you up for success.



July 2019 TRUST Consulting Group Newsletter

Customize your hiring process with TRUST

The hiring process – it’s the first impression your potential hires and new hire’s of your company. 
Solid, easy-to-use hiring processes not only increases the applicant pool you have for your potential hires but also improves retention and efficiencies for your new hires and hiring team.
Because each business is set up differently, customization is important in the new hire process. Needs are different across geographical regions, organization size and owner/hiring teams’ preferences, just to name a few reasons.
Our questions to you as we consider how you can make your hiring process more efficient are 1.) is there anything that seems to take longer than it should 2?) Are there any part of the hiring process that still are on paper?
If we can provide any additional information about how to customize your new hire process, please reach out to Josh Herrera at josh@trustconsutlinggroup.com.

TRUST Consulting Group is in the Top 10 Employee Onboarding Consulting/Services Companies 2019

With immense pleasure, we would like to share with you that the evaluation panel for HR Tech Outlook has nominated TRUST for the “Top 10 Employee Onboarding Consulting/Services Companies 2019”.

The 10 honoree companies are poised to be the next generation of leaders in providing consulting/services to influence and create a significant impact in the ecosystem. 

Being named one of, 2019’s Top 10 Employee Onboarding Consulting/Services Companies is a great honor and an achievement of our hard work. 

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TRUST QR Codes now available!

QR codes have become a popular medium to advertise the opportunities your business offers; these codes can be scanned by any smartphone camera app to populate a link to your website or online application. Companies are placing these QR codes on store receipts, banners, posters and online to boost application numbers and increase accessibility. Scan the QR code below with your smartphone camera app to reach the TRUST portal login and see how potential applicants could reach your online application in one easy step. For more information, please call Nathan at (512)-535-7398, or email at nathan@trustconsultinggroup.com
Top 3 QR codes Benefits
  1. Versatility, QR codes can be used on everything for anything. 
  2. Saves on advertising by utilizing pre-existing promotion materials. 
  3. Connects different modes of marketing streams together.


Vendor Spotlight: The Risk of Auto/Pre-population and the Form I-9

By Kathleen Campbell Walker

Keeping it simple is often a key goal in any compliance policy for a company, but sometimes it may not be a best practice and indeed could cause a company to incur liability. Employers should consider onboarding personnel products carefully and it is important not to overlook if such products attempt to address the conundrum of Form I-9 completion.


 As an introduction, the Form I-9 has been around as a requirement for employers in the hiring process since 1986. Employers must determine the identity and work authorization of all new hires as of November 7, 1986. Section 1 of the Form I-9 is completed by the employee, but the employer is responsible for making sure the employee has completed Section 1 properly. For example, employers notenrolled in E-Verify may NOT mandate that the employee provide their social security number in the blank provided in Section 1. If the employee does not have a social security number (SSN) or does not wish to provide it on the Form I-9, he or she can choose not to provide the number in Section 1 and provide a List A or List C document that establishes work authorization for Section 2. So, how to deal with tax withholding, well – that is a separate tax issue addressed with the completion of a Form W-4

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) notes that employers are required to obtain the employee’s name and SSN to complete the Form W-2 and the W-4 when the new employee starts work. Employers should ask an employee to present his or her social security card when the W-4 is completed, but the employee is not required to show the card. An employee without a social security card should apply for a social security card using Form SS-5. The IRS admonishes employers not to accept an ITIN (Taxpayer Identification Number) in place of an SSN. An ITIN is a 9-digit number beginning with the number “9” and has a format like an SSN (NNN-NN-NNNN). When the employee does not have a SSN, the IRS advises employers to enter all zeroes in the SSN block, if filing a W-2 electronically or on magnetic data or to enter the phrase, “applied for,” if applicable, in box (a) on paper W-2 forms. Later, when an employee provides a SSN, a Form W-2c is filed by the employer with the Social Security Administration (SSA) as to the new SSN assigned.

A job applicant can be work authorized without a SSN.

 What the execution of Section 1 means for an Employee

 Individuals can be subject to prosecution for knowingly and willfully entering false information on the Form I-9. For example, when employees sign Section 1 of the Form I-9, they are attesting under penalty of perjury that the information provided by them in Section 1, including their citizenship or immigration status selected, is complete, true, and correct. In addition, the employee’s signature on the Form I-9 is also an acknowledgement that he or she is aware of the severe penalties provided by law, including possible criminal prosecution for knowingly and willfully making false statements or using false documentation when completing a Form I-9. In addition, the employee is acknowledging in signing Section 1 of the Form I-9 that falsely attesting to U.S. citizenship may subject him or her to penalties, removal proceedings, as well as adversely affecting his or he ability to seek future immigration benefits.

It is also important to note that employers must ensure that all pages of the current Form I-9, its instructions, and the List of Acceptable Documents are available, in print or electronically, to all employees completing Form I-9. As a further cautionary note, Section 1 must never be completed before a job applicant has accepted a job offer from the employer.

So what if an onboarding software uses information provided by an employee to auto (pre)

– populate portions of the Form I-9?

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Training Spotlight

This month we are going to ask you to decide how you would like to manage your I9 – do you like the efficiency of the pre-population process or would rather have your new hires type in the information? I’ve included a position by an employment attorney for your review.
We will be requesting your feedback in August and starting Sept. 1, 2019, we will ask you to select the auto-population feature going forward. 
TRUST Survey

We would like your input on the entire onBoarding process of new hires – from identifying potential employees to our onBoarding process to future integrations with our onBoarding process. Please click here to answer our six-question survey.

Legislative Update: Companies could get permanent tax credits for hiring veterans if this bill passes

Companies that hire veterans already get some tax breaks from the government. But a newly introduced bill would permanently extend those tax credits, and allow some tax-exempt organizations to get extra credits for hiring vets. 

Please click here to read the full article. 

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