Holiday Season Hiring

The holiday season is one of the most frustrating times for restaurant owners, particularly when it comes to staffing. Trying to manage all the schedule requests, filling time-off requests, and ensuring you are properly staffed for the increase in customers is a complex web.

To top this off, it is becoming more difficult to fill the open positions for hourly employees. The competition is fierce, and potential employees have many options to choose from. In fact, nearly 40% of employers cite their competition as a major stumbling block in getting qualified candidates. Getting ahead of this, and rising above all this noise, is critical to ensure you have the staff you need.


How do you rise above your competition?


In a hiring environment that is shifting toward the employee, you no longer can count on potential employees finding you. You must go find them. With nearly every person having access to a computer or smartphone, and with the daily increase in social media usage, it only makes sense to present your jobs where people are spending their time. More than 60 percent of restaurants are increasing their use of social media to attract new employees.

Trust Consulting Group has launched a social media application campaign for our partners. By utilizing the reach and audience of platforms like Facebook and Instagram, we are able to get your job postings in front of tens of thousands of potential job seekers, for a relatively low cost.

To date, our campaigns have outperformed the comparable market when it comes to engagement. While it is not an exact science, our model allows our partners’ jobs openings to be seen more often with more people applying for these jobs.

If you would like to learn more about Trust Consulting Groups social media campaign capabilities, please reach out to one of our partner advocates today.