Educating food handlers is the best way to food safety and reduce risks to the public, themselves, and your organization. Properly trained food handlers can also improve food safety and reduce risks and behaviors commonly associated with foodborne illness and outbreaks. The food handler training covers the key topics:
  • Basic food safety
  • Personal hygiene
  • Cross-contamination and allergens
  • Time and temperature
  • Cleaning and sanitation
Once completed, the Food Handler Certification is valid for three years, and it is the responsibility of the food facility operator to maintain a record of the current certification status for each employee. This will protect your organization during an inspection. Depending on the category assigned to your food establishment, the frequency of inspections may range from 12 times per year for very high risk establishments to one time per year for very low risk establishments. The criteria utilized for the risk assessment are:
  • Type of food processed or prepared
  • Method of food preparation
  • Population served (young children, infirm, and elderly)
  • Number of customers
  • Past sanitation and food safety history
  • Whether food manager’s certification requirements are met
At Trust Consulting Group, we want to provide you the peace of mind that all your new hires are being properly trained and certified in a timely manner. With our system, you can add the course to your hiring process with just a one question. If you would like to learn how your organization could benefit from this service, please reach out to one of our partner advocates today. WE CAN CUSTOMIZE YOUR FOOD HANDLER EXPERIENCE FOR YOU: We take the guess work out of Food Handlers. With our system we can be automatically notified after your employees are employed for 30 days and automatically enroll them into the Food Handlers Course. Also, you do not get charged for an employee that may leave your company early and not complete the Food Handlers Course. You only get invoiced for the courses that are 100% complete.