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The Future of Work Opportunity Tax Credit

As you might be aware, currently there is a Senate task force reviewing the future of the work opportunity tax credit program, and the Native America ID program as well but that isn't applicable to anyone in Texas. If you are interested in sending an email regarding support of this program, the employment opportunities it allows for the communities business owners have a presence in and…
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Decrease Turnover And Earn A Tax Credit By Hiring Veterans

Decrease Turnover And Earn A Tax Credit By Hiring Veterans . We are all aware that hiring veterans is something every business should do. Supporting those that have protected us is a duty of all Americans. But did you know that there are great advantages to your business by hiring veterans. While retention continues to…
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Tax Extenders Bill – 2018

DCR InformationFebruary 5, 2019Every year Congress must pass the “Tax Extenders Bill” which allows business owners to utilize many tax savings measures to improve bottom line results, allow them to hire more employees, reinvest in their business and to make increased contributions in the community. For restaurant owners, a big part of this bill is…
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