Volume IX

August 23, 2019

Alicia, Founder & CEO

There are so many plates spinning for us in the restaurant industry, right?
Finding Employees. onBoarding Employees. Training Employees. Retaining Employees. 
Monthly reports. Profitability. The bottom line.
The list is endless, and seems to only get longer.
At TRUST, we help you with that “To Do” list by building a custom process with your hiring team that fits into your company’s needs, which includes parts or the entire application process; onBoarding; and WOTC management. Your hiring team can add in background checks, eVerify, food handlers courses, safety quizzes, and retention management forms.
Our goal is to add money back to your company’s bottom line through an all-in-one process directly through WOTC, a hiring tax credit program that we will manage, and indirectly with efficiencies in the hiring process that save time and money associated with the administrative costs. 
Efficiency and your company’s bottom line – our two primary goals at TRUST Consulting Group.

August 2019 TRUST Consulting Group Newsletter


Staffing and the rising wages are the biggest challenge your hiring team faces, according to National Restaurant News.
Both are likely here to stay so creative strategies for working around and resolving these two intertwined issues is what successful restaurant managers are focusing on.
That’s where TRUST Consulting Group can help you and your team.
One phone number and one company providing  multiple services along the hiring process, customized for your organizations’ needs. That’s what efficiency is.
At TRUST, we want to manage as many steps in the hiring process that makes sense for you, while adding money to the bottom line through WOTC management.
One of our focuses for doing so is offering an all-in-one platform for your hiring process:
  • We help you find employees.
  • Applying online is easy for potential hires with a simplified, online application process.
  • Capture applicant information immediately with our text-to-apply option.
  • Efficient and easy-to-use onBoarding process gets new hires on the schedule faster.
  • Leverage efficiency and simplicity to maximize your Work Opportunity Tax Credit.
  • Add in eVerify for peace of mind.
  • Find out who your new hires are through background checks.
  • Proactively address retention through reviews and exit interviews. 
  • Other services include custom forms for individual process for your company, food handlers courses and ACA management.
  • Our goal is to eliminate paper and improve efficiencies for your entire hiring process.

TRUST is your one-stop shop for hiring: from hiring to retention management, TRUST has answers for your company’s hiring needs.

I-9s are in the News

I-9s are an important consideration with any onBoarding process. Below are three new updates regarding I-9’s.
  • The current I-9 expires Aug. 31, 2019. However USCIS has not published a new version of the form and guidance (uscis.gov/i-9) from the agency is to continue using the current version. Signup for I-9 updates from the USCIS website here.
  • At TRUST, your hiring team might notice we are handling internal management a bit differently. We’ve made some changes per guidance from USCIS (www.uscis.gov/i-9-central) and Dickinson Wright PLLC.
  • We would like to make self-auditing your company’s I-9s a little bit easier for you. On a monthly basis, we can pull I-9s and provide an update regarding which ones are unverified and then discuss options for compliance. While I-9 compliance may seem simple, it is full of hurdles that can create liabilities for businesses. We can proactively identify issues, which often is the result of human error, and pro-actively create a resolution and provide training. Reach out to Angela@trustconsultinggroup.com for more information.

Resources: USCIS I-9 Central: Self Audits and ICE Guidance for Employers Conducting Internal Audits


eVerify helps employers hire with confidence. Our team at TRUST is trained on how to eVerify your employees for a lower ROI than it would cost your team to manage the process. The process is simple – we verify eligibility from documents used with I9s. More the 95 percent of the time, your new hire receives a ‘Congratulations and you’re on your way.’ However, if the system returns a “not authorized” message, we then work with your hiring managers to determine next steps – maybe a SSN was typed in incorrectly, for example. For more information about eVerify, please contact roel@trustconsultinggroup.com for more information.

Training Spotlight

Manage your own Users

We have implemented an update to allow our Client Master users to manage your own users. This means you will be able to add new users, determine who gets email notifications and what location(s) your users have access to. Please click here to download the instructions. 
TRUST Survey

We would like your input on the entire onBoarding process of new hires – from identifying potential employees to our onBoarding process to future integrations with our onBoarding process. Please click here to answer our six-question survey.

Legislative Update: DCR, Native American Credits and WOTC

The designated community resident credit and the Native American credit are still in a holding pattern with little or no movement in Congress since our July update.

The tax extenders bill, approving 2017 and 2018 tax credits, were not included in the announced agreement on budget caps and raising the debt limit on July 24th.
The Senate Finance Committee is to debate its own version of tax extensions in September.

The House Ways and Means Committee approved its version of tax extenders June 30th.


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