Angela Schroeder
Partner Advocate

Q. What are you most proud of in TCG's work?

I am most proud of the uncompromising service we offer our partners and unwavering commitment to meet their needs.


Q. What are your best capabilities?

Some of my best capabilities include being self-aware, receptive, driven, self-assured, resilient, and informed of our partners needs and wants.


Q. What are some of your most outstanding client successes with TCG?

One of my most outstanding partner successes was my role in providing our partners with the Trust surveys in order to gauge how we can best fit their needs with our services. 


Q. What do you like best about working with your clients?

I love solving partner's issues smoothly and leaving them satisfied or even happier than when they originally called.


Q. What do you look for when bringing on new clients?

Realizing our own services meet the needs, wants or desires of a  partner before they have even thought of or took into consideration their need for services like ours is the first thing I look for when bringing on new partners.  


Q. What gets you out of bed in the morning?

Believing in the work I do, motivates me to get out of bed in the morning. I like knowing that the work I’m doing is producing results that matter to our partners.


Q. In 35 words or less, describe your day-to-day role as Partner Advocate.

Every day I make sure that our partners needs are being met and all of their concerns are being addressed to best fit their business needs. Making sure to implement new processes to make their job easier.