Q. What are you most proud of in TCG's work?

That more than 90 percent of our business comes from referrals of existing clients.


Q. What are your best capabilities?

Connecting with clients on an individual basis. We truly want to make a positive impact on our clients' operations and each clients' needs are different. We customize processes based on our clients' needs and understanding those needs is what I am best at doing because listening to what our clients are saying is my No. 1 priority.


Q. What are some of your most outstanding client successes with TCG?

Understanding that making today better than yesterday comes from a constant focus on our clients' needs.


Q. What do you like best about working with your clients?

Making a difference in their operations. Positive feedback regarding what we provide to our services is what drives me.


Q. What do you look for when bringing on new clients?

We want to make sure we make a difference - from creating a more efficient hiring process to positively impacting the bottom line through maximizing tax credits.


Q. What gets you out of bed in the morning?

A schedule full of client contacts. Face-to-face meetings are my favorite but back-to-back web conferences and phone calls when I'm in the office is what I define is an exceptional day.


Q. Are you active in any civic or church groups?

Various children's charities such as RMHC. I also an active in my church volunteer activities and coach various competitive extracurriculars (Destination Imagination is my favorite).


Q. In 35 words or less, describe your day-to-day role as CEO.

Communicating with clients, reaching out to new clients, coaching the TRUST team.