ACA Compliance, Covid Mandates, and a Recruitment Crisis

Message from our CEO

With open enrollment around the corner and a Covid-19 executive order in the wings, both adding more to your already stretched-thin hiring teams – TRUST now more than ever is laser-focused on supporting you, your managers, and your new hires.

We have a plan at TRUST to make tracking easier for automating notifications for communications such as open enrollment and 401(k) and documentation processes, such a Covid vaccination cards/testing results. Included also is the associated robust reporting at your fingertips providing real-time access to the answers.

Efficiencies – that is what we provide at TRUST, centered around the core service of our company - Work Opportunity Tax Credit Management, that includes our onBoarding.

We also have ideas for making recruitment easier practices by adding some automation around due diligence with rehires and also reporting that lets sources how new hires heard about the job opening.

Alicia Pounds, Founder and CEO

Covid Vaccination/Covid-19 Testing Tracking

As you may have heard, the Biden Administration announced an executive order that would directly impact our clients that have more than 100 employees.

Employers will be required to document their employee’s vaccination status, and if unvaccinated, weekly Covid-19 testing through OSHA issuing an Emergency Temporary Standard.

If the order makes it through litigation, at TRUST, we have a plan for you.

  • For new hires, during the onBoarding process, we can provide an option for uploading the Covid vaccination card or most recent testing
  • For existing employees, not only do we have a plan to automate gathering the Covid vaccination cards from your crew, but we also have testing tracking with automated notifications for weekly uploads for those that are unvaccinated. We can also download these reports into PDFs when required.

Our Documentation Management Module will help you automate the tracking process for the notification and management processes.

You determine the timeline and communications are made often with several reminders.

To inquire about this great service, speak to your TRUST representative today!


Partner Success Manager

We now offer a discounted seamless solution for ACA tracking for our clients that use Mize

Trust Consulting Group and MIZE CPAs are proud to bring a new feature to their partnership called the Communications Management Module.

Not only is it a great tool for open enrollment, the new tool is also designed to track Affordable Care Act eligibility, to facilitate better sending of enrollment packets, and receiving of accepts and declines.

With an automatic tracking system and a direct feed into MIZE payroll, it seamlessly communicates this information to reduce the potential for reporting penalties. This new tool and all its features are available to businesses who use MIZE payroll.

To inquire about this great service, speak to your Trust representative today!,


Partner Operations Manager

Opt-in Notifications with Approvals for Tracking Rehires

As the  Recruitment Crisis is still creating staffing issues for most of our clients. We've added an enhancement that allows our clients to approve rehires.

When a new employee is added into TRUST, and SSN matches an employee’s profile, a note appears only visible to the hiring manager. What your team can opt-in for is an approval process for employees added into TRUST who      have an existing employee profile.

The next steps to approve or deny an employee are as follows, log into TRUST, navigate to “Find Employee”, then click “Edit” on employee profile, and scroll to the bottom under the employee information.

Our current process is simple and might work for your company. To opt in for this enhancement, speak to your Trust representative today!,


Partner Advocate

How to Find New Employees: Our Employee Source Report

Our new Employee Source Report tool documents where your new hires are hearing and learning about your open job.

This information will allow you to focus your advertisement efforts and increase the number of new hires you regularly draw in.

To use the Employee Source Report, open the TRUST dashboard and select the Employee Source Report option found under onboarding services.

Selecting a store number and time frame shows you where your employees are saying they have heard about your job opportunities. Reach out to a TRUST Representative for more information!


Partner Advocate