Charity: The Trevor Project

“What is your favorite charity?”

This past week, our staff members chose The Trevor Project to receive a donation of $500.

Here is why our Partner Advocate, Shannon Williams chose to nominate The Trevor Project!

“I nominated  The Trevor Project Because I have personally known many people in my youth whose lives were saved by this amazing crises line. The Trevor Project specializes in supporting the lives of LGBT youth with a 24-hour free hotline. I know our donation will go directly to supporting their suicide prevention programs and outreach efforts; supporting disenfranchised youth and helping kids who have been outcast by their families. An educated community that comes together to support youth in troubled circumstances no matter their background or situation— That’s what I believe in supporting.” - Shannon Williams

Trust Consulting Group chooses to give back to charities we are passionate about and will be sharing our contributions here so that you can see which charities we believe in supporting.