Decrease Turnover And Earn A Tax Credit By Hiring Veterans .

We are all aware that hiring veterans is something every business should do. Supporting those that have protected us is a duty of all Americans. 

But did you know that there are great advantages to your business by hiring veterans. While retention continues to be an issue in the service industry, hiring veterans allows you to combat this issue AND add additional money to your bottom line.

  • 15% of all veterans work in the service industry.
  • Over 50% of veterans stay in their job longer than one year. 
  • Less the 50% of all companies know that if you hire a veteran you could be eligible for a $5,600-$9,600 tax credit – money directly impacting your bottom line. 
  • The veteran population is expected to decrease over the next 15 years, so the competition for these employees is going to increase. 
At TRUST Consulting Group we have an integrated process that allows you engage with veterans as potential employees and ensure that your business is realizing the tax credits that hiring a veteran gives your business. 

Learn more about how your business can tap into this important employee demographic for your business.